Welcoming Remarks


Seoul Metropolitan Council
Kim Hyeonki 

“I will put the safety
  and happiness of citizens
  at the center of everything we do.”

Dear citizens of Seoul,
I am Kim, Hyeonki, the 11th chairman of the Seoul Metropolitan Council.

The 11th Seoul Metropolitan Council opened with the support and encouragement of 10 million citizens.

In the last election, citizens showed their desire for a new era and the wisdom of balance, which soon became the goal and direction of the 11th Seoul National Assembly.

It's 'Seoul moving forward again'.

Seoul should stand directly as a seasoned city with the dignity of the Korean capital and a young city leading new changes.

It should be a city where more young people want to stay, not a city where young people are forced to be pushed out due to lack of jobs, high housing costs and living costs.

We need to write a history of innovation and growth that the world will envy, breaking away from the past that has slowed down in crisis and sometimes reversed. And that growth must be sustainable.

The owner of this whole process is a citizen.

The Seoul Metropolitan Council, which was organized by your hands, will work hard only on behalf of the citizens.
We will recover from the long crisis and set the stage for greater growth to advance the day when citizens, the owners of Seoul, laugh again.

I hope you'll always be by my side.

Thank you.