Council Secretariat

Legislative Policy Advisor
  • Media & Public Relations Division
  • Parliamentary Affairs Division
  • Proceedings Division
  • Legal Affairs Division
  • Financial Analysis Division
  • Policy Support Division
  • Committee Advisors
    Council Steering Committee
    Administration & Autonomy Committee
    Planning & Economy Committee
    Environment & Water Resources Committee
    Culture, Sports & Tourism Committee
    Health & Social Affairs Committee
    Public Safety & Construction Committee
    Housing and Space Committee
    Urban Planning Balance Committee
    Transportation Committee
    Education Committee
    Special Committee on Budget & Accounts


Media & Public Relations Division

  • Establish and implement basic plans for promotional materials
  • Publicize legislative activities and manage image data
  • Manage Council Archives and archival data
  • Council informatization
  • Manage and run archives

Parliamentary Affairs Division

  • Register and record Seoul Metropolitan Council members
  • Register Seoul Metropolitan Council members and oversee Council events
  • Support & manage Council research
  • Establish and oversee basic plans on international exchanges
  • Set up and revise basic plans on running Seoul Metropolitan Council
  • Manage Council Secretariat HR, organization, welfare and education
  • Collect budget data, execute budget and final accounts
  • Process maintenance costs for buildings & facilities and subcontract related matters

Proceedings Division

  • Set up and adjust Council meeting processes
  • Report agenda items for general assemblies and progress on meetings
  • Approve and distribute every bill
  • Support Council bills, legislation formats, processes, and content
  • Compile and distribute Council records
  • Organize mock city council meetings for teenagers
  • Guide prospective participants in Council meetings

Legal Affairs Division

  • Run Council Policy Research Committee
  • Matters related to legislation requests
  • Research, analyze and screen Council bills for legislative activities
  • Implement policy initiatives to undertake legislative activities

Financial Analysis Division

  • Research and analyze final accounts
  • Major project analysis and evaluation data

Committee Advisors

  • Preliminary research on bills and reporting of results
  • Assist individual committee activities
  • Prepare agenda items and process mandates from each committee
  • Data collection, research and investigation on Council bills and petitions