Council Functions and Responsibilities

The Seoul Metropolitan Council conducts legislative activities such as enacting/amending ordinances, budgeting activities such as reviewing/approving/rejecting budget proposals and reviewing whether the approved budget proposals have been properly executed, and monitors local government administration through audits and investigations. In addition, it addresses petitions submitted by residents, and deals with affairs as granted by relevant law and/or ordinances.

rescinding ordinances

The Council reviews/deliberates on ordinances, which shall be an indicator for the city policies and the policies of Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education, needed by the relevant laws or proposed by the Council members or mayor within the legal boundaries.

rejecting budget proposals
and approving/rejecting
final accounts

Budget proposals, which is how the city government plans to spend money to run the city, are prepared and submitted to the Council by the mayor or Superintendent of Schools. These proposals are approved or rejected, with those approved confirmed at the plenary session at least 15 days before the beginning of the fiscal year. After the yearly budget is executed, approval from the next year’s Council is needed.

administrative affairs

Every year, the Council is to conduct an audit of up to 14 days during the regular session period of the administrative affairs of the city and Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education to identify any problems and request correction if any are found.