Council Rights

As local councils represent the opinions of their residents in addition to serving as a legislative body, they are granted certain rights in matters and policies that could have implications on residents such as resident welfare or community development. These rights include the right to review/approve/reject, the right to conduct administrative audits, the right to control, the right to address petitions, and the right to make decisions on their own.

  • Decision making right

    Council members have right to decide on matters of policy, legislation, resident complaints and city affairs related to Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) and Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education. The members practice this rights through ordinances, opinion, voting, approval and consent.
    -Establish/amend/rescind ordinances
    -Review/approve/reject budget proposals
    -Approve/reject final accounts
    -Impose/collect fees, charges, dues, local taxes and subscription fees other than those stipulated by laws and regulations
    -Establish/manage funds
    -Acquire/dispose of key properties stipulated by presidential decree
    -Install/uninstall public facilities stipulated by presidential decree
    -Relinquish obligations or rights not specified in laws, regulations, and ordinances which are unrelated to budget
    -Receive/address petitions
    -Handle affairs on exchange activities with foreign municipalities
    -Handle other affairs that provide the City Council with rights in accordance with relevant laws and regulations

  • Right to control

    The Seoul Metropolitan Council has the right to control the executive branch (the SMG and Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education) to monitor and correct its dogmatism or wrongdoing. Specific measures of such control include requesting attendance/answers/opinions from the mayor/superintendent, requesting the submission of documents, spot checking, auditing/investigating administrative affairs.

  • Right to address petitions

    The Seoul Metropolitan Council has the right to address petitions raised by city residents or those with interests in the city of Seoul to express complaints or wishes about the city’s administration and requests for correction. Things that may be the subject of petition include damage relief, punishment of corrupt city officials, establishing/rescinding laws or regulations, management of public facilities, and all other matters that can be addressed in accordance with the rights held by the SMG or the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education, except those that violate laws or regulations, meddle in court rulings, or insult the head of state.

  • Autonomy

    The Seoul Metropolitan Council has the right to decide on its own procedures and other internal matters, to freely construct its organization and manage meetings, and to review/determine the legal status of Council members.