Council Sessions

There are up to 150 coucil meeting days per year, including regular and special sessions. If more meetings days are needed it shall be approved at the plenary session.

Regular sessions

Regular sessions are held twice a year and consist of up to 80 meetings days. The 1st regular session is held every June 10th to approve/reject final accounts and review and approve/reject other submitted agenda items. The 2nd regular session is held on 1st of every November to conduct an administrative audit, approve budgets and review & approve/reject other submitted agenda items.

Special sessions

Each special session can be up to 20 days long. It is held to review and approve/reject ordinances and other submitted agenda items.

Plenary session

Final decisions are made at the plenary session, which consists of all Council members, with at least one-third forming a quorum to justify holding the meeting. Besides cases stipulated by the Local Autonomy Act, agenda items can only pass when at least half of the members are present and at least half of those present vote to pass the item.

Standing Committees

In accordance with the local government ordinance, the number of members for each committee is determined by the number of committees, with each member’s term equaling 2 years. The chairperson is elected from among the standing committee members at the plenary session through secret vote, with at least half of the members present and at least half of those present voting “yes” for the election to be valid. The committee selects vice-chairpersons from each negotiation group and reports this selection to the plenary session. If the chairperson is unable to fulfill his/her duties due to an accident, one of the vice-chairpersons chosen by the chairperson will take his/her place (if there is no chairperson, the vice-chairperson from the largest negotiation group will become the chairperson).

Special Committees

If the Council accepts that a special agenda item needs to be reviewed, the Council can set up a special committee based on the decision of the plenary session. This special committee will exist until a final decision is made on the particular agenda item during the plenary session. Members of this special committee are determined by decision of the plenary session, while the committee chair is chosen from among its members and will report to the plenary session.