Citizens Participation

  • Debates and Public Hearings

    To encourage citizens participation in Council activities and enhance the capacity for self-governance through consensus, Seoul Metropolitan Council is actively organizing debates and public hearings to hear from experts in a variety of fields and citizens organizations. By faithfully reflecting public opinions gathered through debates and public hearings on council activities and seeking desirable policy options, Seoul Metropolitan Council is contributing to efficient policy directions.

  • Collect Public Opinions
    on Council Activities

    The Council collects public opinions via monitoring agents and forwards them to Council members for seamless council activities. We can raise opinion about the assignment or municipal administration that city council has designated.

  • Mock City Council Classes
    for Teenagers

    Seoul Metropolitan Council organizes mock city council classes for youth to raise awareness of their civic duties, seeking to lead them to contribute to their communities by helping them better understand actual City Council duties.

  • Research Library

    Seoul Metropolitan Council runs a research library with 50,500 books on the 4th floor of the Council Members' Office Building. The library collects and manages a variety of data required for policy research and development that is undertaken in local administration and legislative activities.